About The Stories Project

The Stories Project – Our Mission

The ultimate mission of The Stories Project is to honor and celebrate people’s stories, and provide a video keepsake for their families. We do this by providing volunteers to help you through the entire process – help to bring out these wonderful stories and to capture it on video, treating each customer with personal attention. These are eternal visual legacies of people who made a difference in the world around them that will be shared for generations to come. We believe each life should be honored with respect and value of a life well lived.

Our Philosophy

We believe our lives are a series of stories. Shaped by those around us. Shared with those we love. These stories uncover our dreams. Expose our heartaches. Celebrate our love. Share our grief. These stories define who we are as individuals and shape our identity as a family. These stories become our legacy. Our trained professionals help bring these stories to life through video. Retouched by hand. Composed with expertise. Destined to be shared.

The Stories Project is a non-profit

The Stories Project LLC is an independently funded 501(c)(3) organization. We rely on support from institutions, corporations and individuals to advance our mission.

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