Everyone’s Life Holds an Incredible Story.

We Help You Preserve and Share it.

Everyone’s Life Holds an Incredible Story.

We Help You Preserve and Share it.

At Any Time, Be Able to View Memories, LIFE STORIES, and words of wisdom From Your Loved Ones

Share Your Story

Are there loved ones you’d like to get on camera talking about their lives, but you just don’t have the time, equipment or technical skill? The Stories Project gives you the opportunity to create a keepsake of your life or the life of someone you love. You will not only record their cherished, heartfelt stories, but create a time capsule of the speaker’s voice, hand gestures, facial expressions, that unforgettable laugh which will be yours to share with your family for generations to come.

We come to you or your loved ones,have a conversation with them to record their life stories and we share them to the world. You get a full copy of the conversation, unedited that you can share with your family. This is a priceless treasure that can inform future generations of their heritage. There is no charge. Nothing is being sold. This is a completely not for profit project. We are simply working to save those wonderful stories that every family, has but usually doesn’t get a chance to share.

Your Stories. Your Voice. Your Legacy.

Give Your Family the Gift of a Lifetime. The Story of Your Life

How It Works

Pre-Production. After a free phone consultation, the client will complete an in-depth questionnaire prior to filming. We then tailor our conversation questions to suit the individual’s character, personality, history, accomplishments and important milestones.

The Video Shoot. A videographer and interviewer will come to your home or designated location to film subject. Or if the need arises, we can have the conversation virtually via zoom. We ask guiding questions that prompt the interviewee to share stories and a bit of family history. It flows naturally like a casual conversation.

The Final Cut. Expert editors weave together the footage, as well as a custom musical score to tie it all together. The final cut of your video is then posted online for you and your family’s viewing pleasure forever.

Help Support The Stories Project of Capturing Valuable Memories

You can make a difference with helping us capture the many stories of loved ones. Your support makes our work as facilitators, historians, and videographers possible. Make a gift to The Stories Project today so we can ensure that no story goes untold.

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